From the Gardener …

I would like to begin by saying Thank You to all who are Buds (current students), Flowers (graduates) and Roots (parents) of the Miraflores Academie family. We are definitely a ‘species’.
Since my arrival in 1988 to San Rafael I’ve had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings as an instructor of piano, saxophone, flute and vocals in both private and group lessons. My personal mission is to understand every student’s unique learning modality by expanding my communication skills.  I’ve always considered each student  “talented and gifted”. I believe that part of exercising and demonstrating the ‘critical thinking’ process includes sharing knowledge in order to gain experience through their understanding.  My greatest intent (really three) is for all students to realize the importance of music as an outlet for expressing their experiences; gain the confidence to stand in front of an audience (instrument or no) and express their ideas; and to be completely involved with the concepts and practice of vibration and sound.

It’s been wonderful to work with students (especially one-on-one) through periods of fourteen years or more.  This kind of ‘extended-family’-type relationship has given me unquantify-able rewards on both personal and professional levels. ‘Experiencing’ music with students continues to be an intellectual, emotional and intuitive process that allows for the expression to empower one. I am honored that students trust me enough to learn to trust in themselves. In sharing our unique qualities with others, we remember the joy and excitement that we had playing together, and pass this on to others.

As the Academie is blooming there are a bunch of new faces in our Garden. We’ve got many students currently studying both piano and flute/voice or saxophone. These multi-disciplinary students are what I consider Renaissance People. Not only are they great musicians, but they are outstanding artists, dancers, and athletes, individuals who are non-planar. These are the minds (and hearts) of the future - ones that will shape the next century and our world in the next century. I believe it my responsibility to offer them access to music as a form of expression and a positive outlet for their thoughts and emotions.

Lately along with working on my own Projects, I've been performing with the Voices of Latin Rock, photos and music clips will be viewable and listenable on

And to take all the guesswork out of who the is that’s been doing some of the exterior and interior gardening, he’s Carl E. 'Djinn' Lewis a.k.a. Dr. Stranj. Carl brings a myriad of skills, talents and lots of energy. Some of his many accomplishments can be reviewed in the current edition Marquis’ Who’s Who. The history of his Crown Family Unity Programs, creative, educational, and fun programs for youth and their families, can be seen at under CROFA.

My last words for now ... seeing the potential and knowing what can occur with each student’s unique personality is challenging, exciting, and fun. - Marcia Miget, Executive Director

perception through Music Education and Performance