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About the Tunes

Passing the Baton:the Miget-Redd Session 1

'Round Midnight 7:27
Written by Thelonious Monk

Marcia Miget - Saxophone
Freddie Redd - Piano
Djinn Lewis - Spontaneous Dialogue

Lenny's Tune 3:33
Written by Marcia Miget and Freddie Redd ©2003

Marcia Miget - Saxophone
Freddie Redd - Piano
Lenny Levy, Djinn Lewis, Marcia Miget, Freddie Redd - Spontaneous Dialogue

Recoded live at the Franz House
Engineered by Baron Chase of Nakeley Studios
Mastered at Audio Emissary by Daniel Ryman
Produced by Miraflores Music
Design by imajinnWEST

Marcia Miget, Executive Producer

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