the Frisco Project in black and white
the Lester Chambers Band help Hippies 'decompress'
Marcia with Lenny Williams and the Tower of Power boys
Marcia and Abel Sanchez's Frisco Project
Marcia with LCBR at the Hayward Blues Festival
Marcia and the Lester Chambers' Bluse Revue at the Monterey Blues Festival
Marcia with the Lester Chambers Revue at George's In San Rafael
Midwest Express
Marcia with the Asian American Orchestra at
Northeastern University and Yoshi's
Feed Your Soul 2009
with Legends Carlos Santana, Ty Hill, and Helen Stephens
Voices of Latin Rock
VoLR Performances
VoLR Rehearsals

VoLR behind the scenes

Feed Your Soul 2008
Family and friends, Larry Ridley, David Hardiman
Festival shots
with Jimmy Coe, Freddy Redd, Donald Byrd, Jarrett Cherner
with the Asian American Orchestra a bunch of places
Wayne Wallace's Rhythm 'n' Rhyme
Wayne Wallace's Rhythm 'n' Rhyme 1991

Pete Escovedo, Abel and the Prophets
with Jazz Legend, guitarist Garth Weber
Historically Black Colleges' University Allstar Big Band
Nor Cal Gospel Workshop
Marcia and Jaimeo
2008 San Rafael Italian Street Painting Festival
New Year's Eve 2008
Marcia and friends
Marcia and more friends
More Legends
Marcia by John Castillo
Marcia at the Great American


Marcia and friends
Marcia and more friends