Miraflores Music Academié Lesson Policy

Master Instructor - Marcia Migét

“As a music teacher for over thirty years my process of instruction incorporates multiple intelligences and modalities concepts, as well as aspects of performance, stage presentation and biodynamics. It is my intent not only to develop musically literate individuals, but critical thinkers and conscious doers. My primary goal is to make learning music fun." 


Please wait in the hall until previous lesson has been completed.  Please refrain from talking during someone else's lesson.  Students are required to practice daily for the length of time determined by the teacher and student.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING ALL REQUIRED MATERIALS TO THE LESSON. Be on time for the lesson.

PIANO STUDENTS:  All students must have short fingernails.  Intermediate/advanced students are required to own a metronome. Please maintain your piano by having it tuned once a year.  Beginners of piano study can use an electronic piano until they reach a level that requires an acoustic piano.

SAXOPHONE STUDENTS:  All students must have a music stand for daily practice and at least three reeds available at home and at the lesson. Purchase a strap that supports the neck. Intermediate/advanced students are required to own a metronome. If you arrive early, quietly remove your instrument from the case (in the waiting room) while waiting and begin preparing your reed.

FLUTE STUDENTS:  All students must have a music stand for daily practice.  Intermediate/advanced students are required to own a metronome.  If you arrive early, quietly remove your instrument from the case (in the waiting room) so you are ready to begin when it’s your scheduled time.

VOCAL STUDENTS: Please enter teaching studio quietly and wait in the waiting room until the previous lesson has been completed.  Please refrain from talking during someone else's lesson. 

Miraflores Music School
Marcia Migét


Music lessons vary according to student's needs, talents and personality.  A variety of styles are offered including classical, jazz, improvisation, creativity in composition, theory ear training and technique. A variety of combinations are available with regard to Private and Group lessons.  Goals vary according to age level and ability.  Younger beginning students are in training as they learn to include music as a part of their daily lives and encouraged to develop a love and joy for music.  Older, more advanced students are challenged according to their ability levels and must exhibit a true desire to study and develop practice habits in order to grow as a musician. 


Tuition for the school year is divided into equal monthly payments and due at the first lesson of each month regardless of any absences or holidays.  Tuition is not based upon the number of lessons in any given month, and there is no refund for missed lessons.  Each student receives 33 lessons between September and May.  Student may wish to participate in the SWAP LIST.  There are no deductions in tuition for special vacations or extra absences that occur during the school year. 


Students who wish to change their lessons for any reason can do so, provided another student is willing to swap their lesson in exchange.  Each student can have their name, phone number and lesson time published on the LESSON SWAP LIST.  Students who are not on the swap list will not receive a copy.  If a student is in a group class, they may arrange a swap with the teacher if there is a similar class available. Students who swap their lessons must notify the instructor within 48 hours of the lesson.  If a student cannot attend the lesson and cannot arrange a swap, the lesson is forfeited.  If the instructor is unable to attend a lesson, the teacher will make up the lesson at another time.  


There will be opportunities to perform in recitals and concerts throughout the year.  Students are required to perform after they have had at least one year of lessons.  To help cover the cost of renting a recital space and printing programs a fee will be charged to each student. 


Parking is NOT available in the CHURCH PARKING LOT.  Please park on E Street, Bryn Mar Street or the parking lot located directly north of Mission as E Street ends. You may temporarily use the church parking lot to drop/pick up your child off but please do not use any of the numbered parking spots. Thank you for your cooperation. 

TERMINATION POLICY: A month's notice is required for termination of lesson. (or one month of tuition) 

Miraflores Academie Swap List Information 

Miraflores Academie, under the direction of Marcia Migét provides a Swap List for students who are unable to attend a lesson to trade times with other students on the list. 

For Individual Private Lessons:

Call Marcia Migét  415-457-5365 (no later that 48 hours prior to the lesson) to discuss possible swap options.  Marcia knows the swaps for the week.

1)    Call the student and confirm your lesson time and your desire to use their lesson time for trade for that week confirming their lesson time.

2) Once the swap is confirmed, call Marcia Migét to inform her of the temporary trade.  She will then        reconfirm with the two parties involved. 

For Group Lessons:

Call Marcia Migét 457-5365 (no later that 48 hours prior to the lesson) to inquire which alternate group would be the best choice for trade. 

With proper preparation, this Swap List works successfully.  Please do not expect to switch the lesson or receive a makeup without 48 hours notice.

If a student calls the day of the lesson, the teacher cannot guarantee a makeup.

You can request a hard copy from Miraflores Academie or an electronic copy via email. 


http://www.mee-j.com    miget@mee-j.com    415.457.5365